Hong Kong,
Welcome to 2021!


Grab a bottle from the popular crowd before these favourites fly off our proverbial shelves.

What We're About

Wine Brothers. Bonded by our love for wine. And the thought that Hong Kong deserves better. We source great-tasting wines directly from small-batch Aussie vineyards. It’s delicious wine, made with enthusiasm, and you won’t find it anywhere else. Shop for wine from the comfort of your very own couch in Hong Kong, and we’ll deliver it right to your front door quick sharp.

Small Batch

As much as we love a rare-find of a bottle, small batch is more about the attitude for us. It’s making wine with a sense of care, eagerness and relentless energy.


We’re fiercely independent. To offer you the best value, there are no distributors no ‘big players’ and absolutely no middlemen.


Each wine in our eclectic collection reflects the way it was made. By distinctly Aussie personalities, in stunning Australian places with heaps of Aussie passion.

Ready your glass to welcome the new kids on the block. Meet the latest and greatest small batch bottles of wine from our independent winemakers in Australia. Give 'em a try. We reckon you’ve a good chance to find a new all-time favourite.

We love putting together Mixed Packs from our hottest small batch producers. Here are some cracking collections from our greatest hits: Australian wine edition. We reckon you’ll love them.

The Pinot Pack
From $630.00
The Shiraz Pack
From $500.00
The Rosé Pack
From $500.00
The Biodynamic Pack
From $600.00

When you next need wine in Hong Kong, know Wine Brothers will be online, ready to bring undiscovered Australian wine right to your doorstep. We’re eager to offer our tribe in the local 852 great-tasting alternatives from our homeland and share our passion for independent winemaking, thinking and drinking.