A glass a day, keeping the doctor away?

Wine Brothers Media August 11, 2016

Hong Kong may not be renowned for its moderation and, truth be told, drinking and excess went hand-in-hand in the fragrant harbour long before Allan Zeman got hold of Lan Kwai Fong and created a beast.

But there has been a movement of recent times amongst the sophisticated folk of this fine city that promotes drinking and enjoying ahead of drinking to the point where you are stumbling aimlessly along Lockhart Road as the sun comes up.It is possible to enjoy a tipple without waking up with a mind-numbing hangover and short a sizeable slice of dignity - heck some experts even reckon that, if done right, boozing can be good for you.Maybe not the 12 pints over the drip tray on a Friday arvo, but those in the know reckon red wine, in moderation, can be good for the ticker. The antioxidants in red have be shown to prevent heart disease by increasing levels of, wait for it – let this sink in, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and protecting artery damage. I’m sure I had you at heart disease and you’re all rushing off to the kitchen to wrap your laughing gear around that quarter-bottler of plonk you’ve got set aside for cooking. On top of heart disease, red wine, according to studies – studies that sound mighty fun to be a part of - can help you control blood sugar, boost your brain and help you fight off a cold. But that oxidised wine in your kitchen is unlikely to deliver these benefits, and questions have been raised whether the cheap and nasty mass-produced reds are much better.

In Hong Kong, finding a good bottle of red can be tough for those not in the know because even the putrid stuff might not be that cheap, making finding a decent wine to fit the budget bloody tough. While there are no cold hard facts (as yet) to suggest drinking Wine Brothers makes you live longer and be a better person, it is pretty safe to assume and initial feedback from out clientele suggests this is very much the case.There is also a belief that better quality wine is more likely to offer the health benefits mentioned above. Makes sense right? We’re not saying hack off your right arm for a bottle, but perhaps avoid the cheap and nasty to be safe and stick with something more like what Wine Brothers have to offer. Or perhaps just stick with exactly what they have to offer. Not only is it delicious but, by knowing where your wine comes from, where it was bottled and how it got to Hong Kong, you can sip away guaranteed you’re soaking up the health benefits that red wine can deliver.

One thing Wine Brothers does have sorted is that they deliver good quality (add your bullshit here) red at affordable prices and they can guarantee two things – it’s going to go bloody well with your steak and it’s likely to be good for you (unless you drink a case). In an era where traceability is all the rage and people, especially in places like Hong Kong, are keen to know where what they are eating and drinking came from, Wine Brothers are ahead of the curve. Sourced directly from close friends in South Australia’s McLaren Vale, there’s even a chance that either one of the Wine Brothers, James or Chris, crushed the stuff themselves. So if it’s a reliable, honest and reasonably priced drop you’re after, look no further.

You never know, it may even be good for you.

Written by: Sam Agars