How to pair great Hummus & Wine in Hong Kong

Wine Brothers Media May 04, 2021

How to pair Hummus and Wine | Wine Brothers HK

Collab: The House of Hummus x Wine Brothers

International Hummus Day is almost here (May 13th)...but you knew that, you cultured and educated hummus lover. We also love hummus. It has inspired us to do great things. With Hummus. And wine.

3 Hummus flavours   +   3 different wines...

Firsts things first. Hummus. Amazing Hummus. Introducing The House of Hummus. Look at the Instagrams and you will find all you need. Hummus Porn. Hong Kong made. This dude is the man, and is only on Instagram.

How to pair Hummus and Wine | Wine Brothers HK

Sample testing! Amit, The man behind The House Of Hummus.

Second things second. Wine. We have gone deep. Deep into the world of pairing. We pulled out 20 odd bottles of the best small batch Australian wines that we thought might work - we had ideas, we had theories, we had middle of the night wake in a cold sweat epiphany.… We tested them out all. Just five of us. Twenty bottles of wine. 3 tubs of Hummus. It took a full Friday. And they are bloody amazing! You’re welcome.

How to pair Hummus and Wine | Wine Brothers HK

'NB' Grenache, Aphelion and The Baba Babaghanoush.

#1:  The Classic Hummus  x  'NB' Grenache

The Classic Hummus: A nutty, umami, chickpea forward hummus, mild grainy texture. Garnished with extra virgin olive oil, paprika and slow cooked salted chickpeas.

Pairs with…

'NB' Grenache by Aphelion: This is a belter of a pairing. Super exciting. The crisp acidity of the NB Grenache softens the garlic in the hummus and slices right through the creaminess. The NB Grenache is not your ‘average’, old school Grenache. No thank you. It is new-school and we love it; It is light and bright, with crunchy acidity - think red current, cinnamon. Whack it in the fridge for a couple of hours - try it slightly chilled - works a treat. Classic Hummus with a not-so-classic Grenache. Bang.

How to pair Hummus and Wine. Auld Wines Riesling | Wine Brothers HK

'Wilberforce' Riesling, Auld Wines x The Cumin Paprika Hummus.

#2: 'Wilberforce' Riesling  x  The Cumin

The Cumin Paprika Hummus: Market spice blend, earthy aroma, mild grainy texture. Garnished with extra virgin olive oil, nigella seeds and paprika infused chickpeas.

Pairs with...

'Wilberforce' Riesling by Auld Wines: A little bit of spice can be a massive curve ball when it comes to pairing. Great challenge. Love it. In comes the stunning Eden Valley Riesling from Auld Family Wines. Serve real cold. High acidity. Punchy aromatics. Zesty mid-pallet. Clean finish. The cold temperature, and the balanced sugar element of the Riesling alleviates the tongue, a pallet cleanser if you like. The aromatics enhance the flavour of the Hummus, taking it to the next level. This is a winner. The best pairing of them all. Set me up on the terrace, little bit of sunshine, 28 degrees, the Sunday paper, a bowel of Cumin Paprika Hummus and this Riesling. Hang a do not disturb sign on the door. See you tomorrow.

How to pair Hummus and Wine. Baba Ghanoush & Rosé| Wine Brothers HK

#3: Rosé   x  The Baba

The Baba Baba Ghanoush: Smoky, zesty, hints of tahini, satisfying varied texture. Garnished with extra virgin olive oil and explosive pomegranate seeds.

Pairs with…

Rosé by Bondar: Woweee. This is the best Baba Ghanoush I have ever tasted. Just put it in your glass and drink it. Ok, let’s not do that. Let’s find an amazing wine. Step up Bondar Rosé! These champions (Andre and Selina) have a wicked reputation for their provencal-inspired rosé - it is a sell out every year. Bright, fresh, delicate - invitingly aromatic. The Baba demands something with low-ish alcohol and smooth tannins - we don’t want to overpower its greatness. The acidity and delicate fruitiness accentuates the smokeyness of the eggplant. Takes the Baba from best to the bestest ever. Hands down.

Happy Hummus & Wine-ing!