Pontifex Wines - NEW Summer 2018

Wine Brothers Media July 27, 2018

Serious Small Batch. Seriously Good. This summarises what our friends at Pontifex wines are doing. Pontifex, as a brand new project, is the husband-wife effort of Sam and Helen Clarke. They are passionate about small batch wine and are passionate about putting their own name to a project. 

If you read into their history you will soon find out they both have a long history in wine, and both have involvement in a large Barossa producer. This is different. This is theirs. This is small batch. This is as raw and real as it gets.  

Pontifex - What does it mean?

Under their motto “In this sign thou shalt conquer”, the Pontifex family built one of England’s finest and most innovative foundries in the heart of London during the 1800s. Working with copper, brass, lead, gunmetal tin and iron they pioneered numerous metalwork and fabrication techniques for building boiling coppers and stills for brewers and spirits distillers around the world, winning a multitude of awards. Carrying on that artisan spirit, their descendants Sam and Helen Clarke are now in the Barossa Valley growing and making small batches of premium wines from the classic Barossa varieties – Shiraz, Grenache and Mourvèdre.

The 2016 vintage (new/first release)

They have taken their time but finally, after lingering in barrel and bottle, the first wines of Pontifex have been released. Both wines have a combination of Estate grown fruit and grower fruit from the northern and southern Barossa. The focus in on the classic Barossa varietals of Shiraz, Grenache and Mouvedre but with a twist of Viognier to liven things up. The wines are a Barossa Valley Shiraz and a Barossa Valley Grenache Shiraz Mouvedre blend. Freshness, texture and complexity are key to the wines that we make and enjoy. Please contact us directly through the website for availability.

Here in Hong Kong we have taken a small about of both the GSM and the Shiraz (all that Sam and Helen could spare for us). We are excited about bringing on board our first ever Barossa Valley producer, and a team that is so highly regarded! Welcome to the Wine Brothers family Sam and Helen - Hong Kong is going to love your wines.