5OS Red Blend

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 The 5OS project, through an array of talented winemakers that call it home, is forging a new path for Australian wine, and creating an ever-brightening spotlight on small batch winemaking and the positive yet disruptive effect it can have. This is the front line of modern winemaking and we love supporting it. This Red Blend is a cracking example of what 5OS is all about - have a crack and see if it works. This time, it did.



"We use 'thrown together' here lightly. This wine is immaculately blended to equal a lot more than the sum of its parts, and its parts are pretty spectacular coming from our small and ever-so-sophisticated winery in the McLaren Vale. With too many parts to really mention, it's easier to just say that the density and class of this Aussie red would put wines at three time the price to shame. The only reason we have it is that we are mates. It also has an award-winning label that's an amalgam too." Steve Grimley


Lighter than a typical Aussie Red, so see if you can match up with something that allows the wine to shine through. Perfect for a Friday night Pizza. Early evening Charcuterie (Chips and Dips).

JC SCORE 7.5/10