All Saints Estate Sangiovese Cabernet


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All Saints Estate has become a favourite of ours in Hong Kong, and a favourite amongst the Wine Brothers Family. Not only are they great people (the dream team sibling combination of Eliza, Angela and Nick Brown),  they make great wine.  The Sangiovese Cabernet Blend is the ‘Mr Drinkable’ of their range - Medium bodied, soft, savoury, ripe fruit, dry finish. This is a premium version of your every-day-drink; super food friendly and super versatile. Make this your go-to wine, you will be rewarded.


"We use very traditional techniques including hand plunging and long maceration in our open fermenters, basket pressing and then 12 months maturation in large tanks and old oak vessels before bottling. The intent is for the wine to develop savoury complexity whilst retaining plenty of food-friendly tannins. Medium bodied red with a brick tinge at the rim, this wine displays aromas of red fruits with slight savoury and herbal notes. There is lovely soft, ripe fruit with good, almost tart, acidity in a balanced and dry finish. Nick Brown


This is a very food-friendly wine and very versatile. It matched perfectly to popular Mediterranean cuisine and makes a perfect partner to dishes featuring tomato.

JC SCORE 8.5/10

Really solid first wine of the evening (or afternoon). Warms my heart this wine, transitions one straight from work/busy/stress life to home life.