Goon Tycoons 'MSG' GSM


Goon Tycoons 'MSG' GSM

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Frankland River, WA
ALC: 14.5%

Mourvèdre, Shiraz, Grenache. People don’t think they like MSG but it really makes everything taste better... 100% Frankland River, sourced mainly from a bush vine vineyard of international hill, this wine's perfumed, savoury lift gives way to a sappy juicy tannin laden core of awesomeness. It's a flavour-enhancer GSM!

We’ve got a serious soft spot for these Margaret River rebels. Three young blokes with a hankering to embark on a small vineyard adventure. With an admirable disregard for convention, these guys write their own ticket. Their natural-first techniques teeter on a tightrope between genius and ridiculous, which, we all know, is exactly where the magic happens.


"2016 was a cool long growing season in Frankland River. The best wines reflect this in their subtle and balanced tannin profile. We basically did everything awesome to the individual parcels and then blended them together to make them even more awesome. The wine is a bright crimson with medium intensity. The nose offes spicey lifted nose, redolent in red plums and star anise. The body of the wine is medium with super fine-grained tannins and subtle French oak the palate unfolds into a myriad of blood plums and mulberry fruit flavours." - Julian Langworthy, Winemaker (Google him - doing big things in Australia right now!)


Teams exceptionally well with antipasto, red meats and Thursdays. Don't forget about the Thursdays.


WB Score: 8.5/10. This is a wine worth taking seriously. The name, the label, the winemaker are all about having fun, and that is something we support, but don't let that cloud your judgement, this is a high-quality Franklin River MSG.