Auld Family Wines 'Wilberforce' Cabernet Shiraz


Auld Family Wines 'Wilberforce' Cabernet Shiraz

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Barossa Valley, SA
ALC: 14.0%

This bottle = big plans for your night. Sink into your fave squishy chair and sink a glass or two of this.

Impressively rich with a subtle smokiness, this one’s been on American, new French and Hungarian oak for 14 months. Now, it’ll tingle your taste buds with blackcurrant, liquorice and spicy, earthy herbs.

When it comes to wine families, Sam and Jock Auld are the real deal. It’d be hard not to become a vino obsessive when your Barossa Valley upbringing meant dried grape seeds cushioning falls from the monkey bars and early morning pruning as teens. But given their pioneering great-grandfather planted some of SA’s very first vines, it was written. If the Auld family name had been used consistently for the last six generations, it might be as renowned as Penfolds. But as one of the ‘in crowd’, we’re kind of pleased it isn’t.


The palate is elegantly structured with a silky texture and fruit sweetness to the mid palate with layers of red cherry, spice and subtle briar flavours. A big mouth fill, youthful and well balanced.


How’s about a charred middle eastern meat or a bold South East Asian curry? Sounds like one for the takeout menu if you ask us.


WB Score: 8.5/10. Value. So good for that price. One of the best value Cabernet Shiraz available in Hong Kong. If you don't have a Monday-Friday Go-To Wine... you do now.