Fox Gordon 'The Dark Prince' Nero D'Avola

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They call this one 'The Dark Prince' which sounds a bit evil, but trust us, this one's all good.  Silky smooth with subtle oak flavours, this wine is more Sirius Black than Batman.

Fox Gordon have taken Sicily's most important red wine grape and made it their own. This is an Aussie spin on an Italian classic and it delivers in spades. Big, bold, juicy and delicious.  Just don't tell the Sicilians how good it is unless you fancy waking up next to horse's head.


Bold, delicious and a lot of fun, never has a wine we have made shot up the charts as fast as this rocket. We mature our Nero in two and three year old French oak barrels for 12 months. The aromas are stunning and surprising (think sarsaparilla) with lifted red rose florals, while the palate is complete with supple tannins from the oak. A fast seller. Drink now or keep in your hands to taunt your friends for up to eight years. Sam Atkins - Owner


The Dark Prince is perfectly matched with osso buco or any tomato-based stews.