Tar & Roses Riesling


Tar & Roses Riesling

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Central Victoria, VIC
ALC: 13.5%

Taste explosion: incoming. Get ready for a party in your palate, with apple pie, bickford’s lime cordial and a smidge of cloves. It’s crisp, it’s dry and, yep, it lingers. That’s a whole lot of a good time, and you’ve only taken a single sip so far.

Euro-inspired, Aussie rooted in Nagambie, Victoria. If you’ve had your coffee today, you might know tar and roses are signature characteristics of nebbiolo. Winemakers Narelle King and Don Lewis embodied this same sense of harmony in creating Spanish and Italian varietals with an inventive Aussie twist. Don’s legacy still lives on, with Tar and Roses focusing on the little things and quality fruit to make intense, distinctive and definitively gluggable wines.


"A zesty palate of lemon and orange pith, fruit sweet and refreshing with a long linear tight acid finish, with a lifted bouquet of orange blossom with hints of musk sticks.When picked at optimal level of ripeness, the riesling grape has a beautiful dusty pale lemony gold colour, with a sweet musk stick flavour. With care and attention, we aim to retain these characters through to the finished wine."


Obsessing over the idea of a glass of this with fresh oysters and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. We’re talking can’t sleep, can’t focus, can’t write a single other word ‘til this dream becomes a reality. Not a single other wor-.


2019 - JH Score 95 Points