Whistler 'Back to Basics' Skin Contact White

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Josh Pfeiffer & Greg Barritt
Josh Pfeiffer
This skin contact white is made up of four grape varieties- Semillon, Riesling, Pinot Blanc & White Frontignac. The Pinot Blanc and White Frontignac were grown by Greg Barritt, down at Rowland Flat towards the southern end of the Barossa Valley. The Semillon and Riesling were grown here on our own vineyards around our Cellar Door.
This is a white wine made like a red wine, it is fermented on skins, and in the case of the White Frontignac, it is fermented as whole bunches. This process extracts more colour, flavour, tannin and phenolics from the skins, seeds and stalks, but they all integrate well in this wine to create a really fruit driven, complex white wine. Not for the faint hearted, you need to go into this wine with an open mind, and try it over a few days. This wine tends to open up after a few days, but if you intend on drinking it all in one sitting, I would recommend decanting the wine before drinking. A layer of lees will settle at the bottom of the bottle, so simply roll the wine before you open it (similar to a Coopers Pale Ale). Given the nature of this wine, try to serve it around 12-16 degrees celsius, any cooler and the wine will look quite closed. No additions have been made to this wine, no sulphur, no fining agents, no yeast, no adic, no anything. It is completely natural and untouched. I hope you enjoy! Josh- Winemaker.
Alc: 11%