HH 'Jim Jim' Shiraz

Hugh Hamilton


Winemaking and Dogs go together. You will struggle to find a winery in Australia without a dog that calls it home. And it is often a dog that makes a winery feel like home for all. 

Jim Jim was Hugh’s faithful Labrador / Kelpie at Hugh Hamilton’s estate in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Every vintage Jim Jim would eat Shiraz grapes only when they were ripe for the picking, so with viticultural skills like that, Hugh decided Jim Jim deserved his own brand. Jim Jim went to the big kennel in the sky in November 2010 but his talent is remembered in his wines. Smart Dog, Smart Wine!



"This Shiraz was sourced from various vineyards, including the sought-after region of McLaren Vale. Individual parcels were picked at optimum ripeness and matured separately prior to blending in March. By fermenting and maturing the parcels separately, we retained the best characters of each batch, allowing us to blend them and make the most of each individualistic style."

Hugh Hamilton


The easy option is a classic - Steak. Feel free to experiment a little, go beyond the norm - try this with a rich-ish pasta; Spag Bol. 

JC SCORE  8/10

One of the best value Shiraz's you will find in Hong Kong - this drinks like a wine with a much higher price tag. Juicy, fruit-driven body, moorish - real winner. 


Type: Red Wine