HH 'Mongrel' Sangiovese

Hugh Hamilton

Sangiovese is a grape that has a lot going for it - a superstar in its own right. Its natural acidity means it brings an interesting and lively palate to the party. Invite a splash of world-class South Australian Shiraz (8%), a dash of Tempranillo (6%) and we are now talking. This wine is the purest breed Mongrel ever to exist, and may even force our friends at Oxford to redefine the word itself.


"A decade ago in Australia, fresh young reds were rare, and rarely taken seriously. These days they are more common, and critics pay much more attention! We are not after attention per se; our aim is to take the best of Sangiovese - always the core of ‘The Mongrel’ - and build on it, in a perfumed, savoury, unchallenging style: fresh, bright and lively!"
Hugh Hamilton


Pair with a simple pasta-e-polpette (meat-balls) dish with grated parmesan and fresh parsley (tannin and acid are natural friends if you have a little oil in a dish...) In fact, any rich, tomato-based dish will be a perfect match.

JC SCORE  8/10

A really easy wine to drink this one - pure enjoyment levels are high. The Italian side of me gets a little excited when I crack open this bottle, knowing us Aussies are doing our Italian Sangiovese-drinking forefathers proud. 

Type: Red Wine