GT Chenin Blanc

Goon Tycoons



Our friends at Goon Tycoons are doing some pretty cool stuff. They seem to not care what the wine industry, the traditionalist, the conversations think. They are writing their own ticket, and we love it, so we put a pack together for you.... 



"Smoking gun, The Glock , M60, wine cannon , some gun reference  - Chenin Blanc

Flinty funky sulphidic gold, 100% barrel fermented , single vineyard Chenin Blanc from Gods own county. Think gunsmoke , think chipped shell, think unchained minerality with an acid structure that does not quit. If you liked Chenin in the 90’s you won’t like this."


Sweet and Sour. Acidicity helps. A little bit of sweetness helps. 

JC Score 9/10

I am a big believer in this wine. It's got everything you want in a Chennin without everything that you normally get in a Chennin. Make sense? not really. It's good. 

Type: White Wine