HH Floozie Rose

Hugh Hamilton

    • Rosé 
    • Hugh Hamilton
    • McLaren Vale
    • The term "knock the ball out of the park" springs to mind when we drink this Rosé. Perfectly pale. Subtle and smooth. Crisp and elegant. All bottled by Hugh for your drinking pleasure. This Floozie Rosé was made for Hong Kong. Best consumed in the warm sunshine on your private beach, at your exclusive rooftop BBQ, on your private yacht, or as the sun sets after a long day of (not) working. And yes, we also couldn't resist the name...


      "We have a little more control and technology at our disposal these days, but our commitment to making the best of what nature provides us, and to our family’s reputation, remains unwavering! Our walking, tasting and observing of the best of each season seems to lead us to our Sangiovese as the preferred grape variety. In an effort to push the character and depth of our rosé, we are using a combination of tank and barrel fermentation. These two components were blended just prior to bottling"


      Hugh Hamilton
    1. Satin mouthfeel
    2. Dry palate
    3. Crisp finish
    4. Pale salmon colour
    1. Raspberry
    2. Rose petals
    3. 'Pink lady' apples
    4. Strawberries

Type: Rosé