'Red Headed Step Child' Riesling 


'Red Headed Step Child' Riesling 

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As those who’ve had their coffee will have guessed, this ‘Red-Headed Step Child’ Riesling takes on the less pampered grapes from the Riesling single vineyard with impressive results.

Though experimental nowadays, this technique harks back to traditional German methods before fridges and stainless steel controlled temperature. Expect hints of lemon, spiced honey and marmalade with a well-rounded finish. Only 23 cases of this good stuff were ever made, so pour yourself a lively amount and start slurpin’.

We’ve got a serious soft spot for these Margaret River rebels. Three young blokes with a hankering to embark on a small vineyard adventure. With an admirable disregard for convention, these guys write their own ticket. Their natural-first techniques teeter on a tightrope between genius and ridiculous, which, we all know, is exactly where the magic happens.


"This is the Red Headed Step Child of Riesling. Fruit sourced from the same vineyard as our 'Super Model' Riesling; however, it has been treated with a hint of abandonment. Whole juice, barrel fermented, unfiltered, unfined, unruly. Left alone in the corner of the shed to ferment; this wine has to act up to get heard. Personality plus but I wonder is it only a face a mother could love?"


Riesling. Dry. Acidic. Spice is a great test. Try a duck spiced leg. If you're eating with cheese keep it less smelly and soft.

JC Score 8/10

Tastes better than it looks. Really interesting to do the comparison on the two Goon Tycoons Rieslings. I take this one in a blind tasting. Dry enough with ample acidity.