HH 'Black Ops' Shiraz Saperavi

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We Wine Brothers love a Black Operation...

You don’t need to know much, other than the ‘Black Ops’ side of this wine is the blending of Australia’s great red grape, Shiraz (85%), with that of Georgia (the former Soviet republic): Saperavi (15%). It’s a Dark Art, blending, and in this case, it has produced something rare and special. When was it done? Shortly before bottling, after the wines had been matured in barrel. Hugh wanted to be sure they’d work as a team, and not assassinate each other as soon as he turned his back.


"The Shiraz I chose for this was not the biggest, boldest, most structured I could find. No - I looked through the barrels for voluminous fruit, spice, roundness and suppleness. That’s why you can drink it now. Each variety is pulling its weight in contributing to a very successful operation here. This wine is a fascinating mixture of the red and black berries of Shiraz; with a whiff of liquorice which is text-book McLaren Vale Shiraz. And the Saperavi? Look for the spices underlying the liquorice of the Shiraz. And an ever-so-subtle hint of chocolatey oak." Hugh Hamilton


In keeping with the covert and highly original nature of this blend, we suggest that you be adventurous. Take the path less travelled: kangaroo with dukkah crust or redcurrant glaze; or maybe roast pork brushed with soy and black bean. Go rogue!

JC SCORE 8.5/10

High level of drinkability (that means I drink a lot of it). Smooth, rounded, full. Yeh, winner.