The All Saints Pack

All Saints Estate

All Saints Estate are the proud producers of some of Victoria's best small batch wines. At Wine Brothers we love the work they are doing. 

The family team of Nick, Angela and Eliza Brown are legendary in their passion - part old school, part modern, full of class in everything they do. They are committed to producing wine in a castle, with 5-tonne concrete fermenters, using a basket press from 1883.   Small batch at its finest!


3 Pack $500 (Normal Value $590)

Chennin Blanc 

'Rosa' Rosé

Sangiovese Cabernet Blend 

6 Pack $1150 (Normal Value $1235)


Chennin Blanc 

'Rosa Rosé


Piere Bordeux Blend 

Rutherglen Muscat (8 Years Old)

Category: All Saints

Type: Mixed Pack

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