The Goon Pack

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Our friends at Goon Tycoons are doing some pretty cool stuff. They seem to not care what the wine industry, the traditionalist, the conversations think. They are writing their own ticket, and we love it, so we put a pack together for you.... 




It is not all fun and game though. They come with a serious level of pedigree. GOON|TYCOONS is the combination of three guys who, like Liam Neeson, each have a very particular set of skills. Skills they have acquired over long careers. Skills that aim to make fantastic wines for people like you. Julian Langworthy is the winemaker, John Fogarty is the viticulturalist and Mark Fogarty is the finance guy.


After being in the wine industry for most of their life, GOON|TYCOONS is the opportunity to tinker with the Margaret River model and enjoy the opportunity to showcase the smaller vineyards they stumble upon. Let out from our everyday jobs to launch our own brand, they are Out & About on Good Behaviour. Dancing on the verge of stupidty and sensibility, their wines are designed to promote the unique varieties and grower sites we find on our endless quest for great vineyards. But without forsaking wine quality. Natural is best, but technique reigns supreme.



3 Pack

2017 Chenin Blanc

2017 'Rapunzel' Field Blend Rose

2016 'MSG' Mourvedre Shiraz Grenache

6 Pack

2017 Chenin Blanc x1

2017 The 'Super Model' Riesling x1 

2017 'Rapunzel' Field Blend Rose x1

2016 'MSG' Mourvedre Shiraz Grenache x3