The Mazza Wines Pack

Mazza Wines

David and Anne are true small batch producers - a husband and wife team doing amazing things and making a big impact!

The Mazza vineyard has ten acres of carefully managed vines that receive a lot of attention. Everything is done by hand - pruning, shoot thinning, fruit thinning, leaf plucking and fruit picking. The vines receive minimal irrigation through summer when necessary.  David and Anne live in their vineyard and swim in their dam, so you can believe them when they say they manage their vines so that sprays are used very sparingly.

They have six Iberian red grape varieties - Bastardo, Graciano, Tempranillo, Tinta Cão, Touriga Nacional, and Sousão. From these we produce five straight varietal wines, a Tempranillo Graciano blend and a blend of five varieties called Cinque. What a cracking combination! 


3 Pack $850 (Normal Value $910)

2006  Tempranillo

2009 Mazza Graciano

2010 Mazza Cinque

6 Pack $1600 (Normal Value $1820)

2006  Tempranillo x2

2009 Mazza Graciano x2

2010 Mazza Cinque x2

Category: Mazza Wines

Type: Mixed Pack

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