2013 5OS MV Durif Blend


When it comes to experimenting, pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo, this wine does it all. The Wine Brothers affectionately call it the love child; a concoction conceived from the most unlikely and illegitimate marriage of varieties, that comes together to produce an absolute winner. A fabulous wine to challenge that know-it-all wine connoisseur.


"This blend was born through the creativity of winemaker Steve Grimley, with a post-ferment mix of three red varieties (Durif 51%, Shiraz 27%, Grenache 17%) and one white variety (Sauvignon Blanc 5%).

Visually the wine is very imposing; it appears dark and inky in the glass. The aromatic nose offers blackberry and earthy tones. When sampled the blend presents a full flavoured and complex assault on the palate; the Durif strikes with large, fruity characteristics while the Shiraz adds weight and balanced aromatics. The Grenache flashes a bright element in the mid-palate while the Sauvignon Blanc introduces the slightest hints of passionfruit. The tannic characteristics of the Durif ensure a strong, grounded finish."

Jess Hardy 


Heavy wine. Heavy-er food needed. Can match it with red meat - lamb, steak...etc 

JC SCORE  8/10

I like this. Big time. It is a real wine enthusiasts' wine. Add 1 to your cart - you won't regret it - reward the experimental vibe!

Type: Red Wine