HH 'Villain' Cabernet Sauvignon

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Good Cab Sav is a real treat. It is globally recognised as one of the great red wine varieties. This writer travels far and wide around Australia looking hard for the best. It is a borderline obsession. Margaret River and McLaren Vale. That is where we end up. I reckon I have found a cracking wine right here.

(WARNING - WINE TALK AHEAD). I recommend opening this one up. Let it air. Decant if you have one available. The tannins will soften, the nose will open up. If I was locked in our warehouse overnight with the choice of over 150 wines, this is the one I would drink (until I fell asleep on a bed tasting notes)

Cabernet arguably finds its greatest expression in the maritime climate of Bordeaux. McLaren Vale is warmer and drier but shares those maritime conditions. Cabernet is characterized by small, dark, tough-skinned berries, which produce long-lived wines of intense colour and firm tannins.


"With the luxury of drawing weighty, textured Cabernet from the cracking black soil of our Cellar block and blending this with the high tone perfume of the Black Sheep block we are able to produce a wine of both presence and elegance. A compelling perfume of roses, cherry wood, and incense. Fruits of the forest, yet earthy like the forest floor itself. The aromatics lead to a palate of moderate weight, and of length and intensity. Char, roses and Darjeeling tea. A fine texture as of emery" Hugh Hamilton


Porcini crusted Rib Eye will do nicely (if you have the talent to make it)


I've already stated this is my pick when locked in the warehouse with over 150 wines to choose from. Gets cracking scores everywhere it is taken. Lock in.