2016 5OS Shiraz Touriga


Never judge a book by its cover. So they say. In this case, I would say judge away. Cracking label and even better wine. We at Wine Brothers HQ love what the 5OS Project is doing - this is another classic example of their small batch mentality shining through.  


"No guessing this has a decent dollop of Touriga blended in, it jumps out of the glass and attaches like squid to the side of your boat. I’m hooked but I can see a scene early in a dinner party where this wine is debated feverishly. Reduced raspberries, like a coulis, vanilla and cinnamon cake straight from the oven hit you first up. The tannins are grainy and the oak has been really well handled and sits in the periphery and I expect will continue too. It’s adolescent at best, far from complete, but once it all comes together should blossom into a very nice bottle of wine."

Steve Grimley


Shiraz can be punchy, Touriga can be even punchy-er. Big enough wine to sit in the heavy reds category. Versatile enough wine not to have to have steak (but it would be nice)

JC SCORE  8/10

Nice one. All night long. 

Type: Red Wine