All Saints Estate GSM

All Saints Estate


GSM, GMS, MSG... Some good, some bad. There is plenty of the later (MSG) in Hong Kong, not so much of the former (GSM).

We at Wine Brothers are all about pushing the boundaries and making sure that our loyal family are exposed to the world's best small batch wine. This is more a traditional take on GSM, from the traditionalists at All Saints. Makes sense. To prove how traditional they are.... they still press their wine in a basket press from 1883 - that is old school, and super cool. Love it!

The wine is a really quality set up. Correct in every sense of the word. It is the sort of wine that as a schoolboy would have had its socks pulled up, tie straight, blazer done up. Smart. Clean. The sort of wine you would take home to meet the parents.

Type: Red Wine