5OS Merlot




Merlot gets a bad names. It is the forgotten variety of the Aussie wine industry. It’s almost like it that child actor that peaks before their 10th birthday, is super popular in their early teens, then ended up washed up by the time they are 21. Sad, but not uncommon.

They are not all like that though. There are some that started young and are still cool.

Our friends at 5OS have sourced some of the best Merlot grapes in McLaren Vale (there is sooooo much Merlot produced in Australia it is not hard to find buuuuuut it is hard to find goooooood Merlot). They have gone about making Merlot great again. It has been given the love and attention it deserves and needs. The result is cracking wine, an approachable wine and a wine that goes against the Merlot.


"...right now I reckon it’s spot on. Old school oak and handling, it’s super ripe and overloaded with extract, flavour and texture. It’s screaming out for a prolonged ‘session on the reds’. Not many places in the world can make this sort of wine; lucky for us McLaren Vale is one of them. 5 years well spent and well worth remembering"

Steve Grimley 


The winemaker picked it - more your session ale sort of wine. Early afternoon with a plate of Cheese, Dips and Cold Cuts. Thank you

JC SCORE  8/10

Solid Merlot. A really good one to give to those Merlot haters out there - prove them wrong - it is a great felling. 

Type: Red Wine