HH 'Jekyll & Hyde' Shiraz Viognier

Hugh Hamilton



If you are a wine geek, you know of ‘co-fermentation’; a process in which two varieties (in this case, red Shiraz and white Viognier) are picked on the same day and blended at the crusher. This produces a result quite different to blending ‘finished’ red and white wines. The tannin and fragrance of the small amount of Viognier are amplified by the process, and the resultant wine is more fragrant and shows greater depth and even-ness of tannin structure than we’d otherwise see. (We swiped the idea from the French.)



Our most plush Shiraz-based wine, with extra perfume from co-fermentation of the Viognier with the Cellar Shiraz wines. Varietal Viognier whites are delicately fragrant: apricots, white owers, stone fruits and gingery notes. Its in uence in this case – as a blender with Shiraz – is greater on the palate than the nose, however. Here its tannins o er a note of gritty complexity, and fruitiness a gentle spicy depth, that make the blend genuinely fascinating.



Heady and lush, without losing varietal de nition. The Shiraz is supported and enriched by the Viognier. Roses, violets and thyme. The ne French oak li is a perfect frame for this pretty picture. Aromatics play through the palate. So as a rose petal and as pungent as the ower. It combines an evocative mix of leather, light char, and cherry that persists for a very long time. 


COLOUR Deep purple-red.



Some people will love the youthful perfume; others appreciate the complexity gathered with age. We are lucky enough to see the wine age and will enjoy both facets... and expect to be able to do so over a decade or so.



A classic dish of the Rhone region (where this blend hails from) is Chevreau a l’Ail et Herbes Sauvages. Otherwise known as baby goat with garlic and wild herbs. The English version doesn’t sound as fancy, but we’re sure it’s just as delicious!


HARVEST DATE  20th February 2015




BOTTLING DATE  21st September 2016

Type: Red Wine