5OS Project Grenache Rosé


5OS Project Grenache Rosé

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We love rose. And so do you from judging the uptake on this one. Only 888 bottles were made, so we’re talking teensy small batch here. Edgy and thrilling. Moderate dryness. Grippy tannins. Soft finish. 

A bunch of rogue McLaren Vale young’uns colliding, collaborating and colluding to make an out-of-this-world wine. They call it ‘a journey of abandoned vinous pleasure’, we call it damn delicious. A talented hotchpotch of winemakers, furniture makers and farmers, we’re not sure Five O’Clock Somewhere have ever heard of a rulebook, let alone throw one out. These guys prefer to evolve organically rather than plan. But it’s an infectious kind of creativity that’s earned them a loyal, thirsty following, including ourselves.


On one hand it appears spotlessly made, on the other you get the sense it's not "made" at all... a lot like the people and place in which it originated. An easy wine for those who like anything but.


Look to the middle east for inspiration here. Eggplant, tomatoes, red pepper. Aromatic spices. Now you’re cooking with gas...


Coming soon.