NV LONG YARN Sparkling Shiraz


NV LONG YARN Sparkling Shiraz is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Australia makes the best Shiraz in the world.

Everybody loves a bit of sparkle in their life. 


What do you get if you cross a shiraz and a sparkling? That's right, you get the sweet sweet nectar that is Sparkling Shiraz (it's not actually sweet, just fruit driven).

If you've not yet been introduced to the marvels of succulent red bubbles, wait no more... We've found you a McLaren Vale shiraz, and turned it in to a party!

This baby is full bodied with an abundance of middle palate texture and a long vibrant finish. An invigorating fizz will carry fresh notes of blackberries and cherries across the palate. Fear not, the fruit does not come at the expense of the spice which you would expect from a well structured shiraz.

Quintessentially (South) Australian, this intriguing wine will pair well with a wide variety of fresh food and circumstance. Pair it like you would a pinot - duck, BBQ pork and... anything really. The best thing about this wine is that you can drink it all day, and all night long.

Put these two things together and you are off to the races in a big way!  This wine represents everything that Wine Brothers prides itself on - pushing the boundaries, being unique and having a sh**load of fun!