Goon Tycoons 'The Super Model' Riesling

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Frankland River, WA
ALC: 12.0%

Cindy Crawford, eat your heart out. We don’t usually go for straighty-180s here, but this Riesling comes pretty close. Clean, straight and terrifically tasty. The purity of this almost plays tricks on you, but it really is that good.

We’ve got a serious soft spot for these Margaret River rebels. Three young blokes with a hankering to embark on a small vineyard adventure. With an admirable disregard for convention, these guys write their own ticket. Their natural-first techniques teeter on a tightrope between genius and ridiculous, which, we all know, is exactly where the magic happens.


"Given the chivalrous treatment by our besotted winemaker - its been cold fermented, low solids and free run only. Wet stone, slate, refreshing florals and citrus. Our picture perfect Riesling. This glamour is all about fruity purity and crisp acidity to remind you that you're alive."


Crisp Acid. Pure and clean. Makes it easier to match up with most charcuterie and starters. Light seafood an easy one.


WB Score: 8.5/10. A very correct wine. Clean and crisp. Not changing the world, giving it want it wants.