Little Ra Ra 'Roopa' Orange


Little Ra Ra 'Roopa' Orange

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Did we say white? We meant orange. Orange wine is having a bit of a moment in the limelight. But you know us, we don’t tend to blindly follow the pack unless it’s for a good reason. Roopa is the reason. A skin contact white with spicy texture meets a fair-skinned winemaker with a heart of gold and a ginger hue. The gingery, citrusy result is magic.

Australia’s quintessential Pyrenees foothills. Low yield. A pinch of the artistic. Boundless enthusiasm. And some bloody good grapes. It’s a foolproof recipe, but Pyren certainly suffers no fools. Gun winemaker Leighton Joy is all about the experimentation, from dabbling in whole bunch to carbonic maceration. His creative nous tends to buck convention and make a strong case for staying curious, always.


Handpicked, Pyrenees Sauvignon Blanc fruit has undergone a whole bunch, carbonic maceration of 15 days, after which time the ferments were pressed, and the fermenting wine transferred to stainless steel. Upon completing fermentation, the entire parcel was transferred to 225L French oak and rested over winter for a period of four months. Once settled, the wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered in Oct 2019. Citrus peel and jasmine aromatics with more citrus on the palate, along with freshly grated ginger and white pepper. A warm finish with ingrained and enduring tannin.


Turn up the heat! Roopa’s robustness works really neatly with chilli and spice. So go nuts with your spicy sauce. Pick the menu item with the ‘5 chilli’ symbol. It will be fiery. And it will be delicious.


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