Our Story

The Wine Brothers. Bonded by the love of wine (stronger than blood). Enthused by the small batch journey. Driven to source directly. Young enough to care. Dynamic enough to learn. Independent from the beginning.  
Great question. Direct-sourced small batch wine and delivered it to your door. From the winemaker to your doorstep. End of. 
Since launching in 2016, we have introduced Hong Kong to the untapped world of small batch Australian boutique wines. The HK wine world is in need of an injection of fun, of imagination, of style, and of youth. Through a diverse and captivating collection of wines, combined with an enthusiastic team of Wine-o's (See Urban dictionary), we are working to expose a new way forward. A new way to buy, consume and enjoy wine. 
While the definition of small batch highlights that all of our products are made in limited quantities, it is the mentality rather the physical size that excites us here at Wine Brothers. It is the attitude. It is the state of mind. It is the motivation. 
The very nature of smaller scale production means that the winemakers behind our wines are not commercially driven. They are not producing to a pre-determined script or corporate brand guidelines. It allows them the creative freedom to explore the true potential of the fruit and limitless processing options, free from the constraints of old-world tradition. The intimate relationship that they share with their vintage allows them to inject the wine with raw emotion, with passion, with love. The product speaks for itself. 
We have grown on the notion of being fiercely independent. We do not use distributors, we do not talk to the 'big players', we do not use middle men. What we do do is get our feet on the ground, talk to the wine makers, visit the wineries, get our hands dirty. Our suppliers are the wine makers, our contracts are nothing more than a handshake, and our celebrations are announced by the opening the next bottle. This is our sourcing model. 
Our carefully chosen catalogue of dynamic and engaging small batch wines are available through our online store. Delivery is available throughout Hong Kong, no charge, nothing, zero. You buy the wine, we bring it to your doorstep.