• Merlot 2013.
    • McLaren Vale
    • Our first ever Merlot. Cherry = popped
    • This Merlot is not for the faint-hearted. L-Platers, take off your training wheels, it's time to party with the big boys (or brothers). We thought it was about time the great people of Hong Kong got their hands on a Merlot with some grunt, so we went and got you one with the whole engine room. This Merlot is a conversation starter, and it's scrumptious to boot!

    • A big, strong and robust interpretation of the Merlot variety. This wine is full bodied and loaded with flavour and tannins. Think earthy characters, warmed fruits and hints of chocolate with a long lingering finish. It bordering on the dry side, making it even better in the company of food. Winemaker Steve Grimley set out to challenge the perception that merlots are always soft, fruity and easily approachable and we think he has done a bloody good job. The result is a wine has beautiful complexity, certainly worth exploring with some hearty food and decent company
    1. Violet colour
    2. Robus
    3. Complex
    1. Earthy
    2. Stewed plums
    3. Chocolate

Category: Q1 2017, Red, Wine

Type: Red Wine

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