Loom SV Riesling


The producers at Loom have been a Wine Brothers favourite from the start. They are quality operators with a distinct eye for the premium end of the market. 

Loom SV wines represent the purest and most expressive individual vineyards from each harvest. Handmade in our winery in McLaren Vale by 6th generation Winemaker Jess Hardy their aim is to create benchmark examples of each variety and site. This is premium small batch wine at its best!  



This is pure free-run juice from an amazing site in Eden Valley, fermented in seasoned 500 litre French oak barrels for 8 months. By seldom stirring the juice, it has a little extra weight in the mouth, but the most dominant force is an unquestionable understanding of wine and vineyard site. What results is a wonderfully rich yet fresh chorus of citrus and stone fruit, with weight and texture aplenty!


The weight of this Riesling allows it to be paired up with food of some substance. Think white meat; fish or chicken. 


Bang on for a Riesling. High end. Unbelieve at this price - could easily sit in a class above.