2015 5OS Project Nero Blend



Late last year we introduced you to the wonderful world of Nero. And it went bang! In just three short months, we sold out of all our precious stock and left our customers wanting more... 

We have answered your call!

A series of Italian varieties grown in the heart of McLaren Vale, this beauty is unique before you even crack the top (Beauty refers to the wine and/or the lady on the label. Your choice). A blend of Nero d’Avola, Touriga, Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Sagrantino. A savoury European styled wine. Medium bodied with a touch of dry tannins but countering sweetness from the fruit.

Clean and crisp but alluring and very drinkable in its youth.


"Bright, medium bodied in the glass, looks really well prepared. 5 varieties should probably have a menagerie of aromatics and this certainly does. If I can pull one out of the mix it’s this concentrated, candied fruit, almost like kids cough medicine but not quite as strong.  The palate’s got a nice combination of sweet and tart fruits, along with an alluring herbal edge, again not surprising when you look at the varietal mix. Has me daydreaming about a Sunday roast on a full, long table with water droplets winding their way down the kitchen windows."
Steve Grimley  


Go Italiano. Pizza + Pasta

JC SCORE  8.5/10

I am a big fan of this wine. There is plenty of office 'tasting' sessions done every Friday afternoon at Wine Brothers HQ. Order some more samples!


Type: Red Wine