2015 Long Yarn Sauvignon Blanc

Long Yarn

    • Sauvignon Blanc 2015.
    • Adelaide Hills
    • Sauvignon Blanc has long been the crown jewel in the New Zealand “wine winkers” (said in your best NZ accent) cap, earning a reputation as a mass produced safe option for the boring wine drinker. So why would Wine Brothers want anything to do with Sauvignon Blanc you may ask? Fear not, when left in the creative and daring hands of Australian winemaker Jess Hardy, this variety takes on an entirely new and exciting persona. The Long Yarn Sauvignon Blanc reflects all that is amazing about Australia, and all that the kiwis could only dream of!


      The Long Yarn Sauvignon Blanc is refreshing and crisp to taste, with a brilliant white-gold colour. The nose exhibits grassy and herbaceous qualities, whilst tropical fruits such as passionfruit and lychee tickle the taste buds. The acidity and citrus hints in the mid palate lends this wine to food pairings with South East Asian cuisine.
    1. Crisp
    2. Grassy and herbaceous
    3. Light and refreshing acidity
    1. Passionfruit
    2. Lychee
    3. Citrus hints

Category: Wholesale

Type: White Wine

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