2016 5OS Malbec



5OS Malbec was one of our original wines back when we launched Wine Brothers in 2016. Fast forward to 2018 and we welcome back this popular Malbec back to the family. 

Straight from winemaker Steve Grimley...

"Looks and smells like it’s too young to get in, the brilliant purple hue a sure giveaway to what lies ahead. Fresh dark plums and mocha steal the show before smoky, earthy varietal characters jump into the light. The big, dusty tannins are somewhat out of place in what’s not much more than a medium to full palate, yet they deserve the benefit of doubt and in time I’m assuming they’ll wrap everything up just nicely. Pretty good from where I’m sitting."

SG score 8.5/10


Gold medal winner in the 2017 Australian Alternative Varieties Show

Category: 5OS

Type: Red Wine

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