All Saints Estate Moscato


All Saints Estate Moscato

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Rutherglen, VIC
ALC: 5.5%

Excitement levels are high at Wine Brothers HQ for this wine! This wine oooooozes summer (AKA Hong Kong for 10 months of the year). Sweet, spritzy and loads of fun.

Chances are this wine is not similar to anything you currently drink (hold on, don't stop reading now just yet, just because it's different, it does not make it wrong...).The naturally occurring spritz and sweetness in this Australian white wine are enhanced by the refreshing crisp acidity on the palate. Moscato is a wonderful anytime-in-summer drink and accompanies fresh fruits and desserts very well.


The spritz and the sweetness are both naturally occurring in this wine. After harvesting, crushing and pressing, the juice ferments. This fermentation is carried out by yeast that consumes the sugar and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. The ferment is then stopped just over half way through, and kept really cold. By doing this, some of the sugar remains, the wine is low in alcohol and lots of carbon dioxide is produced.


"Our Rutherglen region Moscato is a cheeky alternative to Sparkling Wine or Champagne as an apperitif, and is the perfect partner to lightly spiced dishes. With wonderful sweet grapey flavour it is best to drink whilst spritzy and young. It is also the perfect partner to light blue cheese styles."


WB Score: 8/10. Moscato has its place and this is a great wine for what it was intended for. A low-fizz, low alcohol white wine that'll be thoroughly enjoyed by those that like this style - go your hardest.