2016 HH Trickster Pinot Grigio (6 Pack - $160 Per Bottle)

Hugh Hamilton

      • Pinot Grigio 2016
      • Adelaide Hills
          • If this wine were a hat (which it's not), it would be a Chiquita Hat (a Brazilian Fruit Hat). Not to be confused with a Pinot gris style wine, this is very clearly a Pinot grigio style. Why? Because the fruit was deliberately picked at the lower end of its acceptable range to retain the quintessential crisp, light, fine qualities of both the variety and the region. Its crisper and drier than your average Gris.
          • You can enjoy the Trickster on its own or with most summer dishes but note that Hugh made this wine to compliment his love of oysters natural. It’s slightly crisp finish combines beautifully with the ocean flavours of oysters. But this is not the end of the story. Cast your net anywhere into the sea and whatever you catch and cook will work with the ‘Trickster’.
        • The importance of flavour can’t be over-stated: with crisp acidity and low alcohol, if the Trickster lacked flavour, it’d be lean and mean. It ain’t! The aromas echo onto the palate, which is lively yet full-flavoured with all those fruits in full flight from whoa to go.

Type: White Wine

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