All Saints Estate Rosa Rosè

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Sourcing A-Grade Rosé is a passion of ours at Wine Brothers. It is border-line an obsession. We cannot get enough of it - dry, pure, crisp Rosé - all summer long! 

We have an image in our head, a dream of types, of how Rosé should be consumed. Think endless ocean views. Think a crisp, white superyacht. Think perfectly tanned, good-looking people. Think seductive, classic tunes. Think a long-lasting sunset. 

We are yet to live out that dream. But we will keep trying. And when we are reaching for the next bottle of Rosa, we are getting that little bit closer. Come along with us.


The 2017 Rosa was made from a blend of Sangiovese (55%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (45%); the Cabernet Sauvignon adds fresh berry aromas and flavours while the Sangiovese is the underlying delicate savoury note on the finish. The two varieties together are perfect for making this style of aromatic dry Rosé. Rosé is made by macerating red grapes for a short period before pressing and fermenting the pink juice. The 2017 Rosa was macerated on skins for 4 hours then pressed out and fermented. The wine was fermented in stainless steel to preserve the lovely fresh fruit characters and then bottled in August 2017.


Serve chilled. Can go really well with a bit of spice - Asian inspired vegetarian, fish or chicken.


You will not find many better bottles of Rosé. Period. Not worth cellaring - drink young (now). There are a few Rosé's that are lifting the category away from a fun wine and into a section of the wine list where it deserves respect. This is one of those Rosé's.