Beer Vs Wine - Little Creatures - 25th Jan - SOLD OUT

Wine Brothers

The Concept?  
Decide the ultimate beverage! 
Each of the 5 courses will be paired with one wine and one beer. The Contenders will each get one minute to convince you of the beauty in their beverage, the passion in their pairing and even the majestic marriage!  It is up to you to decide who has created the ultimate pairing - every guest (judge/critic/scorer) will get the chance to vote after each meal. Democracy wins! 
The Contenders?
Tom Champion, Head Brewer, Little Creatures 
Tom is a long time beer nut. A (Little) Creature since 2009 there is nothing worth knowing about Little Creatures beer that Tom doesn't know. He is a man that takes great pride in opening Hong Kong to the world of beer. He will enlight, delight and set alight your passion for beer with his insight (note - Tom takes no responsibility for this Bio). 

Steve Grimley, Chief Winemaker, 5OS Project 
Steve has been pushing the boundaries, challenging the convention and building success stories over his 25-year career in and around the Australian wine scene. Through the years Steve has been exposed to the large, commercial side of wine as chief winemaker of a foreign-owned operation, he has created his own operation exporting mass-produced wines overseas yet... he has ultimately been drawn back where his heart lies; the small batch passion behind the wine. Steve is more than a winemaker - he is visionary and rogue in a relatively conservative industry.

Type: Event

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