Mixed Wine Christmas Party Pack

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Kick off the afternoon with a zippy refresher. Ease into the evening with Grenache.

Perhaps a Sauv Blanc for the cheese. And The Spectacle? Well, that's ready for any time, anywhere. The perfect secret Santa gift.


Your festive season sorted - all you need are the Christmas jingles swingin'. 

In this pack:

Tar & Roses Prosecco

The Spectacle Shiraz

Aphelion Wine Co. 'NB' Grenache

Sticks Sauvignon Blanc

Select either 12-pack or 24-pack.

12 Pack

3 x Tar & Roses Prosecco

3 x The Spectacle Shiraz

3 x Aphelion Wine Co. 'NB' Grenache

3 x Sticks Sauvignon Blanc

24 Pack

6 x Tar & Roses Prosecco

6 x The Spectacle Shiraz

6 x Aphelion Wine Co. 'NB' Grenache

6 x Sticks Sauvignon Blanc