Collector Wines 'Folded Blue' Shiraz

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Collector Wines 'Folded Blue' Shiraz

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Canberra, ACT

ALC: 13.5%

We love a shortcut. Especially when it comes to washing the dishes properly. But also when it comes to wine. If you want to explore the complexity and maturity of a well-aged wine without exerting any patience with cellaring yourself - this is the wine for you. A rich, dark and densely spicy shiraz that’s hard to put down.


The most exciting thing to come out of Canberra since - well - since records began. With gun winemaker Alex McKay at the helm, these guys pair unusual varietals with unparalleled knowledge of the local soil and macroclimates. It’s game-changing stuff for this largely undiscovered region. As JH so eloquently puts it, the wines they make are ‘exquisitely detailed’. Or, as we say, they’re off their head.


"The grapes were hand-harvested at between 12.5 and 13 Baume. Fermentation with whole bunches and natural yeast took place in open fermenters which were worked by pigeage to extract flavour and tannin. Parcels went through a natural malolactic fermentation and ageing in a mix of new and seasoned Allier and Troncais oak. Blending and bottling took place in April 2013. With a bit of grunt, plenty of barrel spice and notes of cocoa, it also has more dense fruit and all round mouth coating structure."


With all that ripe fruit and a restrained acidity, this is the ideal red wine for your fave Asian takeout. Our top recos are a Malaysian lamb curry, sweet and sour something, or enhance the spice in a dish like Kung Pao chicken and other Sichuan dishes. Yummo.


“He is not known to speak much… so you have to remain alert to appreciate his unparalleled sense of humour. No such attention is needed for his wines, which are consistently excellent, their elegance appropriate for their maker.” James Halliday on winemaker Alex McKay

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