Coopers Dark Ale 24 x 375ml Bottle

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Coopers Dark Ale 24 x 375ml Bottle

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All malt. All might. Tastes more than alright. One look at that deep amber brew and your mouth’s just about watering, are we correct? All those roasted, chocolatey malt flavours. Fresh and creamy with a lingering coffee flavour. Full-bodied, rich and fearless. Come and get it!


With over 150 years in the game, these guys are the Beer Experts. Not like that obnoxious guy at the bar. More like a historic passion that’s kept burning through recessions, wars and the rise of the hipster home-brewer (crazy how that wasn’t sabotage, hey?) All this means they can still say their ales are handmade by the Cooper family to this day, with tried and tested traditional methods.


ABV 4.5%

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