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Deep Woods x Shady Acres - Thurs 23rd April


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Not all zoom conference calls were created equal.

There are zoom calls for work, and then there are calls with Deep Woods wine and Shady spaghetti. A call hosted by the Winemaker of the Year, from the Winery of the Year in Margaret River to regale you with dad jokes and endless vintner trivia.

Julian Langworthy, Jimmy Watson Trophy winner, winemaker of award winning top rosé, top chardonnay, king of cabernet blah blah, he of the overachieving accolades and annoyingly charming goofiness from Deep Woods Winery will be your Master of Ceremonies hosting a virtual wine dinner zoom call this Thursday 23/4 at 7pm.

Shady will prepare and deliver to your door on the day home-meal kits for two or three, with kiddie-proof cooking instructions (we’re talking open the bag and reheat) along with three bottles of award winning, smashable wines from Deep Woods. One chardy, one rosé and one cabernet shiraz.

You plate, you sit, you drink, you eat, you taste wines with Jules as he takes you on a winery tour possibly in tight white undies. Your chance to bombard him with all the questions you ever had on winemaking and Tetris as you knock back wines.

Fun right?


How does it work?

Pretty darn simple actually.... 

1) You purchase a meal kit for two or three people before 22/4 Wednesday 9pm. Meal kits will be prepared and delivered to you on Thursday free of charge by the squad

2) At 7pm, plate the salad, reheat pasta sauce, and hop onto zoom with Julian serenading you from Deep Woods winery. Crack open the wines and taste them along with Jules as you slurp spaghetti carbonara from your couch. 

Wines + Meal

2019 Deep Woods Chardonnay
2019 Deep Woods Rosé
2017 Deep Woods Cabernet shiraz

24-month Iberico jamon
Spaghetti carbonara
Avocado, tomato, butter lettuce, feta salad
24-month comte with sourdough croutons

The meal kit will feed either two ($750) or three $950 (your choice), and will be delivered to your door by Shady squad mostly prepped and ready, with some very simple assembling, heating, plating and salad tossing when you’re ready to eat for maximum deliciousness.

From Julian...

If you were a wine, what would you be?
I’d like to say White Burgundy – alluring , complex……..expensive. But am unfortunately more like shiraz… obvious, little bit brash, serviceable…

You have one more bottle of wine to share in your life. You are sharing it with 5 people. Who are they and why?
If I only had one more bottle of wine to drink id likely neck it by myself rather than share it with anyone…… Maybe interesting teetotallers, actually scratch that supermodels that were watching their weight and couldn’t bare the calories
Ok if I am a serious...Alana Langworthy, Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, Jacinta Arden, Keith Richards

Teenage crush?
Pretty keen on Buffy, never liked vampires much

Are you a better winemaker than your wife is cheesemaker?
It would be unseemly to comment but Alana has never won “ cheesemaker of the year”….