The Winter Duck & Pinot Dinner - 1st of March

Wine Brothers


Do you like Duck? ✔️

Do you like Pinot Noir? ✔️

We have a dinner sorted for you.....  


Think open fireplace, think snow falling outside, think deep leather chair, think intense topical discussions. That is a real winter. This is Hong Kong.

Let's celebrate winter for what it can be. Good friends, great food, exceptional wines. The inaugural Winter Duck & Pinot Dinner. 


Why Duck and Pinot Noir? Good question. Thanks for asking. 

Tom and Jerry. 
Seabreeze and Hong Kong Junks. 
Lennon and McCartney. 
Pen and Paper. 
Batman and Robin. 
LKF drinking and Kebab eating (Too far?) 

Some things are just meant for each other. Individually good. Together great. Duck and Pinot is one of the ultimate food and wine pairings. 

"Let’s not mince words: the conventional and excellent pairing for duck is pinot noir. It’s a beautiful combination that tends to work with many different accents and flavorings." NY Times, 2013 

"There are ingredients that will pair with practically any pinot noir such as duck ..." , 2016 

"One of the relative certainties in the arcane world of food and wine matching is that pinot noir goes with duck." The Guardian, 2015



DUCK - Foie gras crème brulee, pickled beetroot and berries

PINOT - Soaring Kite, Adelaide Hills 


DUCK - Pan roast duck breast, duck leg Cromesquis, sunflower root, spiced orange gel and madeira jus

PINOT - Long Yarn, Adelaide Hills 


DUCK (not really) - Chocolate peanut bar, cookie crumble and caramelized banana icecream

PINOT  - 5OS Project, Red Blend, McLaren Vale


If you like Duck, and you like Pinot Noir, just book the ticket. We'll send details later. 

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