Hugh Hamilton 'Nimble King' Cabernet Sauvignon


Hugh Hamilton 'Nimble King' Cabernet Sauvignon

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Imagine a giant man landing the most graceful pirouette and you’re on your way to understanding this cab sav. Nimble by name, nimble by nature, get ready for the Taste Gymnastics to take place. Muscular and poised with layers of thyme, blackberry, apple, tea leaves and rosehip.  

At Wine Brothers, we love the black sheep of the family, and hoo boy have we found it with Hugh Hamilton. He might be the 5th generation of Australia’s Oldest Wine Family (the ones who planted the first ever Aussie grape vines) but that didn’t hold him back one iota when it came to breaking the mould. Daughter Mary now continues the legacy of his reprobate range of varietals from the esteemed classic to the downright eclectic. These McLaren Vale wines are all about the experience, the conversation and the deadset delicious.


"Not so long ago Block 3 at Black Sheep vineyard was anything but noble. Originally set up to a commercially pragmatic, but low quality producing, twin tier trellis it was also riddled with dead wood and non-producing vines as the effects of age crept in. The vineyard was a wreck but fortunately the foundations were solid. Our vineyard team took to it with chainsaws, reducing the vines to stumps. In time the stumps shot out fresh shoots, mostly, and we re-established the trellis with a focus on high quality. The work has proven worth it. Beautiful 48 year old vines in the perfect position to make terrific Blewitt Springs Cabernet."


If you’re a fun-guy or gal, have a think about your fave shroom recipes for this powerful red. Maybe it’s a mushroom-quinoa burger with a flat splodge of rosemary mayo, or a fillet steak smothered in mushroom sauce.


95 Points James Halliday