La Petite Vanguard Sangiovese/Zibibbo Pét-Nat

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La Petite Vanguard Sangiovese/Zibibbo Pét-Nat

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Vintage: 2022
Riverland, SA

ALC: 11%


You will be reaching for the sunnies with this one...Youthful and vibrant, with great drinkability. Complex with great layers. One to drink over and over.


As with many great stories, VANGUARDIST was born of humble beginnings. Ideals, harmonised over a table littered with empty bottles. Laughs that rolled late into the evening, not realising the impetus forming; a relentless ‘fire in the belly’ that sent Michael bouncing across the equator, chasing international harvests for most of his adult life. 


Years on, the VANGUARDIST focus has both broadened and deepened, illuminating new sites of intrigue with the same degree of captivation, while LA PETITE VANGUARD reflects the unbound and experimental (but ever-so quaffable)
side of Michael's character.


We hand harvested the organic certified Sangiovese on the 5th of February, hoping for about 1T of fruit. After falling a bit short I tasted some of the surrounding vines and came across the organic certified Zibibbo. It hadn’t been particularly tended to and looked rather wild. It tasted bloody delicious and was the perfect complement for the Sangiovese in this refreshing pet-nat blend. 

Hand riddled and hand disgorged its quite a precise wine. Enjoyed super chilled on a summer’s day, it’ll be the perfect aperitif. 


Grab yourself a picnic rug and a bottle of this! Tastes like Summer!


The quality speaks for itself

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