Meet The Maker '5OS Project' - City Kids Exclusive

Wine Brothers


Three easy questions to start the New Year.... 

1) Do you like the idea of Small Batch Wine + Paired Dinner Menu + Hong Kong's coolest venue?  ✔️

2) Ever wondered who is the man behind so many of the great wines you receive every quarter in the City Kids Wine Club? ✔️

3) Are you excited by the prospect of an exclusive City Kids only experience on Australian Day (at a bargain $680 per person)? ✔️


The Details

Wine Brothers is excited to present the brainchild and head winemaker of the 5OS Project, Steve Grimley. Steve will host a 5-course paired wine dinner at 208 Ducentto Otto exclusively for the City Kids Wine Club. 

Date - 26th January 7.30pm start. 
Venue - 208 Ducentto Otto, 208 Hollywood Road 
Cost - $680 hkd Per Person. All inclusive for 5-course and Wine Pairings
Format - People, Passion, Places - Expect stories, insights and behind-the-scenes workings of small batch winemaking (Forget snobby bow-tie wine night/lectures). 

Who is Steve Grimley?

Steve has been pushing the boundaries, challenging the convention and building success stories over his 25-year career in and around the Australian wine scene. Through the years Steve has been exposed to the large, commercial side of wine as chief winemaker of a foreign-owned operation, he has created his own operation exporting mass-produced wines overseas yet... he has ultimately been drawn back where his heart lies; the small batch passion behind the wine. Steve is more than a winemaker - he is visionary and rogue in a relatively conservative industry.

What is 5OS?

A great question that even Steve himself struggles to answer sometimes. Steve is the brainchild behind the 5 O'Clock Somewhere Project (5OS)  and describes it as a project that embodies his passion for the artistic and unheralded small batch side of the wine industry. 5OS is a project that focuses on empowering the talent of respective artists (winemakers) and channelling them to find their own beat. It is part collaboration, it is part co-op. The result thus far has been wines that have heaps of drinkability but not at the expense of varietal, regional and vintage characteristics.




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