Meet The Maker 'All Saints' - 208 Duecento Otto - 8th Feb - AISHK Teachers Exclusive

Wine Brothers


We are super excited to be hosting our first ever AISHK Teachers Exclusive 'Meet The Maker' dinner.  You are in for a night of spectacular wine and an A-Grade Menu, hosted by legendary Victorian winemaker Nick Brown. 

This dinner has been on our radar since I spent the weekend with Nick and his team in Northern Victoria earlier last year. Small batch passion, uniqueness, independence, old-school tradition meets new-school mentality... AND we get a chance to finish the night with some of Victoria's (and the world's) best aged Muscat - 13-year-old and 40 year-old - it is going to be one of the all-time great wine experiences in Hong Kong!

1 of the most unique and passionate Victorian winemakers 
2 of the world's finest aged Muscats on show 
3 classic Victorian red wines 
4 quality paired courses 
5 Star evening!  

The numbers really do add up on this one! 


Date - Thursday 8th February

Time - 7pm Drinks 

Location - 208 Duecento Otto, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 

Cost - $680 hkd including service 

Format - 4 courses, 5 wines.  



Type: Event