Mother's Day Gift Pack - Rosé Only

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Rosé makes the Parté. And we reckon mums could always do with a little more celebrating. Deliver the good flavours and hands down most refreshing way to cut through the HK humidity with this cracker of a pack.

First up, a wine made with a hefty appetite for adventure. The 5OS Project Grenache Rosé. Moderately dry with grippy tannins and a soft finish. These guys call their ethos ‘a journey of abandoned vinous pleasure’. We call it damn delicious.

Hugh Hamilton 'Floozie' Rosé. Fresh and lively thanks to those Sangiovese grapes, this one's pale, supple and smooth and perfectly suited to a sunny HK afternoon.

Last but by no means least: the Sorby Adams 'Jazz' Rosé. Deserves to be savoured, though it's tempting to guzzle. A vibrant palate, zingy fruits and impressive cut through will have you relishing every sip.